Payment Accounts

Payment Accounts refer to the accounts where you can receive payments for your settled invoices.

There are 3 primary types of payment accounts available for addition: Binance Account, Bank Account, and Payoneer Account.

Payment Accounts Overview

To incorporate a payment account navigate to Settings > Payment Accounts and click the "Add New" button and select the desired account type.

Linking a Binance Account

Within Settings > Payment Accounts, click the "Add New" button, opt for 'Binance Account' and follow the instructions to link your Binance Account. 

After successfully linking your Binance account to Ruul, you'll be able to collect payments in cryptocurrency.

Adding a Bank Account

Within Settings > Payment Accounts, click the "Add New" button and opt for 'Bank Account' and specify the country associated with the bank account you're adding.

Based on your selection, choose an applicable currency for that country and proceed.

If the bank account is in a country utilizing the IBAN system:

  • Enter your IBAN and initiate an IBAN check.
  • A preview will display the auto-retrieved bank account details. After reviewing, finalize by clicking "Add Bank Account".

For countries not using the IBAN system:

  • Upon proceeding, a detailed form will prompt you to input specific information tailored to the selected country, such as Routing Number or Branch Code.
  • Complete the necessary fields and finalize by adding the bank account information.

Linking a Payoneer Account

To receive payments, you can either link an existing Payoneer account or establish a new one. 

After selecting "Add New" and choosing 'Payoneer Account', you will be redirected to Payoneer to fill out the subsequent forms based on your selection.


  • Payment accounts must be registered in your name. Using an account under a different name is prohibited and can lead to invoice cancellation, payment refund to the client, associated refund charges, and potential account suspension.
  • Supported bank account currencies include EUR, GBP, USD, and the native currency of the bank account's country. Additional currency availability varies by region.
  • Payoneer Accounts can accommodate funds in EUR, GBP, and USD.
  • Binance Accounts can accommodate funds in USDT (Tether).
  • Adding bank accounts from countries listed in FATF or analogous lists is restricted.