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Invoices With EarlyPay
Updated over a week ago

While creating an invoice with Early Pay, talents are presented with payment terms. For selected payment term, an Early Pay fee is applied to the invoice, and the invoice is sent to your approval.

Early Pay fees are covered by talents, regardless of who is responsible for the general invoice service fee.

After reviewing the invoice, you can Approve or Reject the invoice.

Invoices With EarlyPay

If you reject an invoice with Early Pay, the invoice gets canceled. Your freelancer can try creating a new invoice with or without Early Pay.

Following your approval, Ruul initiates transferring the payout amount to the talent's selected payment account.

The selected payment term is activated with your approval and you can see the Payment Due Date in your dashboard for invoices with Early Pay.

Early Pay payments are processed via our partner, Sprinque. Once you approve the invoice, Sprinque will email you the payment instructions.

Unpaid Early Pay invoices have a late fee of %1. See Early Pay Terms & Conditions in the received Early Pay invoice details on your dashboard for more information.

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