Invoicing & Getting Paid With Early Pay

While drafting an invoice in a compatible currency, Early Pay becomes available, provided you, your client, and the invoice satisfy certain criteria.

Activating the Early Pay option empowers you to set a payment term for your client.

Choosing a term incorporates an Early Pay fee into the invoice, depending on the selected payment term. To see the exact cost, please review the pricing breakdown when you create an invoice. 

Early Pay fees are covered by freelancers, regardless of who is responsible for the service fee.

Upon sharing the invoice, your client receives an explanatory email, prompting them to approve the invoice. They can also find this information within their Ruul Dashboard, under the 'Invoice Details' section.

Following the client's invoice approval, you'll be notified and Ruul will initiate transferring your EarlyPay payment into your preferred account in 1 business day.